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Facebook Crush

  • Facebook crush.

    Writer:Garba Sidi


    All her statements in our discussion glancing on my mind thinking is it true or just accusation without any reason. In the evening 8:30 as I opened my facebook saw her online, sent her greetings then asked her evidence she have to prove accusations made on our morning discussions " Hmm if doubting ask other girls on your locality, I assure you the same statement". "OK ". Changed the conversations by asking her "where are you from? ". " Facebook ". "I mean state and town you're liven? ". "OK I'm from Nguru in yobe State". " That's good, just heard the name but interested to visit it one day". "You heard mine, so now is your turn". " I'm from Azare local government in Bauchi state". " That's good ". " Nice to meet you Ummu". " You're welcome man". I got network problem necessary log out of the facebook back to my other business. Through out the Afternoon thinking ummu covered whole my heart feel connected to her deeply got rest after became busy on our shop till closing hours , after returned back to home finished eating my lunch as my mother sitting beside me she saw like something went wrong on me " Aliyu you're not a boy, better be courageous for every obstacles faced in your life. And then prayer is the key of any success connected with action my son. May Allah bless you ". "Thank you mommy proud of you".