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Facebook Crush

  • Facebook Crush.

    Writer :Garba Sidi.


    walked to market, it took me short time to arrived after finished mopping as always switched on my data found she's still online " you're still online". "Yeah!, waiting you to come back". I smiled " OK I need ask your number because when you're offline I can check on you through it". " frankly speaking I don't share my number to those I don't know physically because of reason I only knows but give me some time to think about it. Please don't mind ". Even though her statements saddened but ways she explained make understand it. "OK no problem I hope you think positively " "Hmm insha Allah ". " Let meet in another time". "Thank you ".

    Eagerly thinking will her give the number? And how do I feeel if Decide not gave the number? At the end understand knowing answer of these questions is after one of it happens. Looking the way her social media activities are not always sometimes even spending weeks offline and it happened this time, after five days she appeared online quickly sent her message " You're welcome, tired waiting you for days. Thank God you're now online". "Hmm thanks i really appreciate your concern". "It's my pleasure, fulfil your promise".

    Her replied stopped all veins of my body, feel like my legs will not take weight of my body. You'll surprise if told you her marriage invitation appeared on my phone screen. I took time before attached all my strength "What's that? ". "I'm sorry to said, my marriage is next month and you're invited". I had no words to explain situation she inserted my life, tears started falling from my chubby face, quickly blocked her then uninstalled all social media apps from my phone.

    It took me long time before stepped out of her love dilemma.